Research & Insights

business strategy

Insight2Lead research and insights showcases the knowledge and expertise of global and local thought leaders in the various markets that we serve.

We track global and local trends, and benchmark against our customers in government and the private sector. We develop custom designed marketing research solutions, methodologies, analysis and tools that unearth relevant insights for our customers.

Insight2Lead is well equipped to help our customers understand their stakeholders and the business environment in which they operate. This enables organisations to know how to improve their value propositions to their customers.

Keeping in tune with your customers is key to building and maintaining long term relationships. Some of the methods that we use to gain the necessary insights are:

  • Customer Satisfaction Measurements;
  • Customer Experience Management and Modelling;
  • Voice of the Customer feedback;
  • Customer Experience Benchmarking and Competitive Evaluation;
  • Customer Onboarding and Retention Research;
  • Loyalty, Loyalty Programmes and Rewards;
  • Consumer and Public opinion Surveys;
  • and Mystery Shopper and Audit.

Organisational insights provide a mirror of how your organisation functions and what external stakeholders and internal staff think about you and your organization. Dealing successfully with these insights will allow organisations to streamline their processes, improve staff morale and improve organizational effectiveness. This is how we do it:

  • Internal Employee Satisfaction Audit
  • External stakeholder opinion and Reputation Audit
  • Training Impact Assessment
  • External and Internal Communications Assessment
  • and Organisational Customer Centricity (culture, morale and gaps).

Whether you want to start a new company, open a new business unit, establish a branch, or launch a new product or service, it is crucial that this is properly informed by thorough research and analytics. We assist organisations to conduct feasibility studies that cover technical viability, market viability and commercial viability. We also include an overall assessment of risks and strategies to minimise those risks.

Knowing how strong and valuable your brand is, and how it compares with competitors, is crucial to effective market positioning. We assist organisations in the following ways:

  • Brand Fitness and Equity Studies
  • Competitive Brand Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • Brand Positioning Research
  • Brand Alignment with Intrinsic Values
  • Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • and Advertising Effectiveness.